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Here is the second post for my Valentines Day themed series, Valentines Day nails! Now, i'm really not very good at doing my own nails, intact I'm pretty terrible. Normally I have my best friend on hand (search the hashtag #nailsbylivv to check her out), but as I'm currently 3000 miles away from her, I had to do it all by myself. Even though I'm not the best at nail art, I have a pretty hefty nail polish collection back at home. Essie nail polished are by far my favourite, I love their colour range, the polish lasts a good amount of time and I'm a sucker for cute packaging. I figured a nail polish post would be the perfect thing to get you in the mood for Valentines Day and maybe even give you a bit of inspiration. 

I have created two different looks for you guys, a subtle look and a more vibrant look. The subtle polish is probably something I would go for, mainly because my boyfriend hates nail polish (sadly for me), and secondly its pretty much fool proof - I.E yours truly can manage to do this without messing it up! 

For this look you will need a pale pink, a pearly shimmery shade, a cocktail stick and your favourite red.

This look is pretty simple to achieve, simply manicure your nails and prep them using your favourite base coat (mine is this one) Once your base coat has dried apply two coats of your pale pink, I used Ballet Slippers. Once your polish has completely dried apply as many coats of your glitter polish as you like, my favourite for this is Pure Pearlfection. Again, wait for this layer to completely dry, this is very important so you don't smudge your nails when you apply your heart.

 Once you're nails are completely dry, dip your cocktail stick into your polish. Cover the end of your stick in the polish and lightly dab two dots on your nail where you want your heart to be placed, then lightly drag some of the nail polish down at a 45 degree angle, joining the polish at a point at the bottom of your nail. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to do this. Finish by painting a layer of your favourite top coat, mine is this one from Butter London. I always use an instant drying top layer as it helps me prevent smudging my nails!

And ta-da, you have a little heart accent!  

For my more festive valentines day nails you will need a rosy pink, a light pink, a sheer shimmery pink, a glitter polish, a cocktail stick and a red polish. 

Start by painting your thumb, ring and middle finger with your light pink polish, again I used the shade Ballet Slippers. Then paint your pinky and index finger with your rosy pink polish, I used Van D'go. Let your polish completely dry, then paint a layer of you shimmery pink on your pinky finger, I used Nude Beach to add a slight hint of iridescent shimmer, then paint a layer of glitter polish on your thumb and middle fingers, I used Pure Pearlfection. Once your nails have completely dried, paint a little heart using red nail polish and a cocktail stick your ring finger. Follow with your favourite top coat to prevent your nails from chipping.  

Pure Pearlfection, Nude Beach, Ballet Slippers, Van D'go

These colours look beautiful together and really compliment each other. They are the perfect combination for Valentines Day! 

Pure Pearlfection, a subtle silver glitter polish. 

Nude Beach, a sheer, iridescent peachy pink polish. 

Ballet Slippers, a very light pink polish.

Van D'go, an opaque peachy pink polish. 

Which nail combination would you wear on Valentines Day?

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  1. So pretty makes a change for the normal red shades :) love the heart detail too xx
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